Warwick Gair: Director.

I founded Warwick Gair Builders Ltd in 1979 with my wife Theresa who is office manager and joint director.
I have been a great supporter of the industry having trained 23 apprentices during the company’s 33 years, including my two sons; one of which has gone on to be a director of the company.
We specialise mostly in residential building with some commercial involvement.
We recognise the importance of being registered and have been associated with the Certified Builders Association since the beginning. Warwick Gair Builders are also Licensed Building Practitioners.
Alastair Gair

Quality, honesty, motivation are probably the three areas that I feel our team really provide to every job we take on.

I've been building with Warwick Gair Builders since 1997. I did my apprenticeship under the guidance of Warwick. I really enjoy the quality of work that we deliver and level that we are expected to maintain by Warwick across all sized jobs. The diversity of work that WGB covers is very wide, from high end residential homes, alterations and renovations to commercial projects this gives us a great range of skills. We are also very fortunate to have an excellent group of professional sub-trades who work well with our team and help us deliver professional and well run projects for our clients. Our close-knit team makes a great work environment, making jobs run smooth and leaving a great impression with our clients.
Making sure the client is happy and proud of their projects is our goal!!!


Rob Barrow

Hi there I'm the big guy and I've been building for 10 years love the job and love the rewards that it gives. I enjoy every aspect of the industry maybe not the muddy ones. Building is a very rewarding job and you have to aim for the best finish on every job to keep the standards that we each in the team aim for. I enjoy working with everyone in the firm as we are a very tight team at work and outside of work.


Brett Beckham

I have been building for four years and have recently become qualified.
I have had previously 3 years experience with foundations and concrete slab placements.
Why I would always recommend and love working for Warwick Gair builders.
He always expects the best quality and workmanship from us and gives us every opportunity to do so.
And working with Warwick with over 40 years of building knowledge has taught me what to be striving for.
I love being proud with the quality of the finished job....


Jayson Herbert

I have been building/renovating houses for around 8 or 9 years and have been working for Warwick Gair Builders for the last 4. It's a great company with a great bunch of guys who have a wide range of skills; no problem is too big or too small. We are all mates outside work too which makes for a really good working environment.